These pictures are from my series THEY DON'T GROW ON TREES, 2014.


No matter what your political party, Democratic or militant Sunni Islamist, common sense is going-global and many politicians agree that plastic bags are a losing ticket. 

This announcement was made last week on Radio Andalus. Mohammed Abu Absullah, the local Jubaland leader said plastic bags are a threat to both animal and human life and bad for the environment. Al-Shabaab is also banning logging of rare trees.

In US politics Governor Andrew Cuomo is seeking re-election against challenger Cynthia Nixon. Cynthia Nixon's platform includes banning the bag & other "sane" policies.

This April, 2018: Cuomo signs a bill to ban the bag. 

Last year, 2017: Cuomo blocked a bill to ban the bag. 

Perhaps we can move on to ban the bomb.